Decoding Enigma

Enigma were one of the most popular New Age musicians, at the time when New Age Music grew popular, in the 1990’s to mid 2000’s. The music style, imagery and sound was both spiritual and sexual at the same time, often offending religious purists and the more mainstream media. However the imagery, and symbolism of Enigma music and videos may of held a very secret message, if decoded.

The name “Enigma” itself is mysterious. According to Wikipedia, an “Enigma” is a riddle that needs ingenuity and careful thinking for its solution. To historians “Enigma” was the secret code used by Germany in the Second World War, which once broken Qué significa in a speedier end to the war in Europe.

Michael Cretu teamed with David Fairstein, and Frank Peterson to form the Enigma music project in 1990. It became almost an instant international success, no one heard the sound before, and the first album MCXC a D, sold over 22 million legal copies Worldwide.

Michael Cretu himself is an enigma, born in what was communist Rumania; he studied music in then Western Germany, and became a German citizen. He took years to become a success, and then lived in Ibiza, Spain, the then home of a growing movement of the “new age,” and an alternative party scene. But not much is known about him, except he is considered a musical genius.

Videos like “Back to the Rivers of Belief,” or “Mea Culpa” had vivid symbolism, religious overtones and to many are just the work of a music genius, But other Videos like “Temple of Love,” and “Beyond the Invisible,” also contain certain messages.

Rivers of Belief,” is full of potent symbolism. Egypt, Scotland, and Greece are shown, The temptress of the keeper of the bible, a priest. The bible he protects burns, as the seventh seal is opened up in the heavens.

The temptress holds the sword signaling battle after the seventh seal is open, half naked as in prayer raising the sword. She dies in Scotland, next a red flag, sword in hand. After warriors across nations have received her message, and ready for battle.

The music itself is about returning back to beliefs, “Back to the Rivers of Belief,” about renewal after the great battle, across a now flooded temple, flooded by the rivers of belief. A new belief and beginning.

In ancient Christian philosophy the opening of the seventh seal signals ‘Gods” wrath and anger on Earth, as he condemns the ones that do not believe to suffer. Perhaps the illicit affair of the Priest (aka the Church) and the maiden signal the end of the traditional Church.

The burning of the Holy Book, the anger of God, as the maiden raises the sword of the apocalypse. Signaling the start of the wars, that mark the ancient Christian belief of the “end times.” The raised sword of justice and a spirit, to fight for what we believe in.

The warriors the bearers of the arms of the new fight to begin, As they ready for battle, the death of the corrupted Church as a renewal of spiritualism, and a new beginning rise from its ashes.