Dell Latitude E6400 Overview – Intel Main 2 Duo With Backlit Keyboard and Windows Vista Ultimate

Dell has constantly been known for creating strong laptops. Getting in the marketplace for a new notebook a few months ago, I did some research and found that the E6400 is a machine that would provide me well. The Dell Latitude E6400 was the substitution for the quite popular Dell D630 which I also experienced the possibility to perform with. Currently being happy with the D630, I felt that the E6400 would be a great choice for me.

Following paying a few days striving to configure my laptop computer with the Dell sales team, they finally obtained it correct and despatched me my equipment. Following opening up the box, I was really fired up to see my new sleek personal computer. The matte black end helps make this a quite excellent looking device.

I turned the pc on and was pleasantly surprised to see the again-lit keyboard in motion. This was a $50 up grade but let me explain to you that it was properly well worth it. I am typing this review right now in the dark with no difficulties what so ever.

After a number of minutes admiring my new pc, I observed the leading correct of the keyboard was angled diverse than the relaxation of the keyboard. I thought this was odd but figured that it was just the way it was made. Following analyzing the laptop some far more, I seen that the right speaker grill experienced a dent in it. It nearly looked like a flat head screw driver was dropped on it.

These have been small factors that I could deal with for the minute so I continued to go about my organization and set my new laptop to operate.

One thing instructed me the keyboard was broken because it practically appeared like there was a stuck key. I would function on something and every single so typically, something random would take place on the screen. I even installed a essential logger to try and discover out what the issue was and what important was causing the concern.

Following viewing hp elitedesk 800 g1 in the important logger, I noticed that the CTRL essential was being pressed a number of moments triggering keyboard short cuts. For certain, I though this was a keyboard situation so I took apart the laptop computer and took out the keyboard. Following seeking at the keyboard for a although, I observed that the fool who set the keyboard into the laptop jammed it in and that is why the prime remaining of the keyboard seemed bent. The entire top correct of the keyboard was bent and pried into place so I straightened it out as greatest I could and positioned it back again in the laptop.

The keyboard seemed uniform now and I tried it out. Identical problem – the CTRL important was acting up. Following some much more troubleshooting, I located out that the contact pad was creating the issue. Apparently, there is a function on the touch pad to zoom in and out which emulates urgent the CTRL important and the + and – keys. Anytime my finger was on the still left of the touch pad, it would lead to the CTRL important to engage so I turned off this function and all was great.

I figured considering that the laptop computer is below guarantee that I would get a new keyboard and correct speaker grill. At least Dell is great about sending replacement components. They arrived the next working day.

The system was even now unstable. I would continually review logs in the Management Console Occasion Viewer to see what could be causing my hardship. The DVD author was also performing up and retained crashing my technique so I purchased that through Dell. Soon after a couple of rebuilds and a new DVD generate, my system was finally doing work like it should.

So it took a while to get this pc working like it ought to. Dell designed a sound device, my only complaint is with Dell’s incapability to get it appropriate the first time….2nd time…3rd time….

The Dell Latitude E6400 is a solid, well developed machine that seems and works excellent. The back again-lit keyboard is a really nice contact and the standard (inventory) exhibit is excellent for each working day use. The keys on the keyboard are springy and really feel great to the contact. There are four USB ports (2 on the left and two on the appropriate). One of the USB ports doubles as a E-SATA port which is wonderful! There is a VGA port on the remaining along with a display port on the rear. The appropriate of the device has a hearth-wire port and there is a sensible card port on the machine. The monitor is strong and you need to have 2 palms to open up the laptop computer which is a wonderful reliable touch. The contact pad performs effectively and the buttons are effortless to push. I got the net cam selection which functions effectively for online video conferencing. There is of system a network port on the back again along with standard mic and headphone jacks on the proper.

General, this is a great laptop and I would undoubtedly advise it to others. Just be weary when you get the equipment and make certain everything operates on it. Make sure that there are no dings on the machine since some newbie at the factory dropped it on the ground.