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But he reincarnates with different powers, so he’s capable to do many things. There’s still one ugly truth. Most of his recently acquired powers are evil by their character, so that he can attain just evil goals with them. However he is not a coward anymore because he is now aware of his strength. There is no requirement to fear from anyone, and there are very few of those who can oppose and fight him.

However, he’ll need to choose among to different paths, or so the narrative will also pose a concealed battle between good and evil within his soul. The readers have an opportunity to discover which of these two powers prevail.
He’s got an opportunity to be a king of legend, the best of the best and to remain remembered in this history of the people and the entire world. But he can also choose the second path that leads to the greatest evil.

His recently acquired powers have provided him a strong body capable to create wonders. His personality has changed as well. He becomes self-confident and brave.
His body belonged to a owner called Bryan. He was killed by Lisa, and the dead body was given to the new owner. This king has maintained the overall look and appearance of the previous owner, who had been the young guy, exactly like the King appears at this time. On the other hand, the last owner Bryan wasn’t so powerful as the King in this lifetime, so the forces are taken from the other place and contributed to him.

The king is pretty tall. He’s over 1,90m, and other characters are typically shorter in Great Demon King . The King also offers long black hair as well as black eyes that seem compatible with each other considering the same colour. He is also a part of the nobility and posses different ranks which signify his important position on the scale. Also, he is called by different names throughout the entire story. The majority of the time, he is referred to as the King, but some call him Bryan, Madman, Lunatic and Crazy.

That is still a continuous story and books, so new changes are possible too. The King may get new nicknames in future chapters which might relate some new events and phenomena.