The Cost Of Designer Watches

When you look at the price tag on designer or luxury watches, you may wonder what makes them so expensive. There is no doubt that they are constructed with the finest materials and best craftsmanship, but how much better are they than watches that sell for much less? The fact is that much of what you will be paying for is the designer’s name.

For many of years now, luxury watches have been regarded as symbols of wealth and success. The fine artisanship of luxury watches has made them more than just noob factory . Popular brands of luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier and Gucci evoke admiration and respect. In recent years we have seen more of a demand on these luxury timepieces, and that demand is expected to increase.

Below I have listed two examples of how much a luxury or designer watch can cost. By no means do these examples represent the highest priced watch by each designer. (I left those out to avoid shock.)

Gucci Ladies Watch: Price $7990

Description: quartz movement. case size 20 mm. crown at 6 o’clock. sapphire crystal. yellow gold case with 44 diamonds and yellow gold horsebit bracelet with tiger’s eye dial. total of 0.36 carats

Rolex Men’s Watch: Price $9618

Description: Two-tone stainless steel case and oyster bracelet. Champagne dial and blue bezel with 8 diamond hour markers. 3 sapphire markers (1 triangular, 2 baguettes). Special time-lapse bezel. Pressure proof to 1000 feet. 31 jewel chronograph movement. Synthetic sapphire crystal. Fliplock clasp and extension link. Date displays at 3 o’clock position. Rolex Model Number 16613.

What about Replicas?

If you are yearning to have a designer watch but are afraid to even look at the price tag, a replica might be an option. But first, here is a note about replicas: Replicas are items that have been designed with inspiration from famous designers. There are legal replica manufactures as well as illegal replica manufactures. I will try to explain the difference.

A legal replica manufacturer will produce and sell an item with a similar quality and design, but will not use the designers name. They will make it very clear that is only a simulation. On the other hand, an illegal replica manufacture will produce and sell items that look like designer brands and try to pass them off as authentic by using the designer’s name.