Three Baby Photography Tips To Really Improve Your Baby Portrait Photos Today

Try these three baby photography tips to really improve your baby pictures by the end of today. Everyone has grown accustomed to portraits of the cute little baby propped up on a piece of carpet with bright colors and surrounded by toys. Perhaps there will be an adorable ribbon tied to tiny strands of hair or a Cubs shirt and small baseball cap riding atop a bare head. Baby photography has changed over the past 50 years and creating breathtaking shots of your newborn baby needs to take center stage. Here are some of my baby photography tips for shooting awesome moments that will last a lifetime.

Always Be Prepared And Have Your Camera Ready

Have your camera ready with all the necessary settings in place. If you are a beginner photographer, start in the aperture priority setting so the camera will automatically select a shutter speed. You are never going to catch a baby repeating a certain facial expression while you retrieve your camera. Most babies also have a time of day when they are most content and easier to catch with a smile or laugh. Try and make yourself available during this time. In addition to seeing your infant at his/her best, you can capture some amazing shots.

Be Natural With Your Lighting And Environment

Do away with the props for newborn baby pictures. How natural is it to take shots of a newborn surrounded with toys that they cannot even play with? The baby is the main attraction and subject of your photos. Everything else takes away from their features. The perfect lighting will be your best friend when you find that place where skin color glows, eyes sparkle and the subject is crystal clear with a faded background. Practice shots with different light and angles so you will have it down when the moment strikes. A camera and lens with a large aperture setting also helps.

Get In Close To Your Baby And Fill The Frame

Don’t be afraid of getting down on the floor and see things from a baby’s perspective. You will experience a feeling for what your child is actually looking at. Perhaps there is a rainbow of color that bounces off of a crystal lamp that intrigues baby or a fascination with the carpet fibers. These are times that can touch your heart and make a great shot as they discover the mysteries of their new world. Besides all of this, your baby will feel your closeness in his/her world and on a level that is comfortable.

Having a new baby can be a dream come true but they grow so quickly that the moments begin to fade. Instead of concentrating on taking pictures of a first bath, the first outfit or visits with relatives, focus on the unique aspects of your baby that will soon be gone. Side view close ups in black and white, focusing newborn Photography¬†that twinkle in baby’s eye upon the discovery of something new and investigating angles that show revealing characteristics that even you may have missed. These are the moments that are unique and memorable to parents because they highlight the natural instead of the unnatural in newborn and infant photography.