What Is Real Estate?

Real estate refers to all the properties that are owned by people for the purpose of living and investing in real estate. Real property is land consisting of buildings and its structures on it; its natural resources like water, crops or mineral deposits; and an asset vested in it in the form of a personal estate, residential property, commercial property or land. Any property that belongs to the owner of the house, condo, villa, apartment or other type of residence or any person having any interest in the property is also considered as real estate.Real estate deals rise in a month - Tehran Times

Real estate can be described as a category of wealth or investment that can give you a good income in return for the effort and time you invest. People with financial or economic problem or those who are facing problems of unemployment are considered as real estate investors. Real estate investments are not limited to land but can be land itself, buildings that you may use or other types of resources like forests, mineral deposits, or even oceans. Real estate investment does not always require money but a certain amount of money is needed as capital to buy and develop property for commercial or personal use.

The term “real” means actual. In some cases, the term “real state” is used as a synonym of property. Real state refers to the real state of the place where the property is located. Properties in the real state are the physical things, including its physical structure and real features, that exists in the physical reality.

Real state refers to the physicality of a property but in addition, real state refers to the subjective perception of a property. The subjective perception is referred to as real state Du an Masteri Centre Point. The subjective perception of a property is what you, the real estate owner, see yourself as.

Real state is a state of mind that has two aspects, the first one is subjective and the second one objective. Subjective real state refers to your personal perception of the property, where you see yourself as owning the property; and objective real state refers to the objective reality, where you know for sure that you own the property. Real state refers to the state of mind and not the state of physical property. Real state refers to the state of mind because the property is in the real state, which is based on your perception and not on the physical reality.

A property is in the real state if it is owned by you, and it is not in the subjective state of mind. A property is considered as in the subjective sense, if it belongs to the people who occupy the land. and not on the people who own the land. Property in the subjective sense can be divided into two categories: personal and immovable. Property in the subjective sense can be divided into movable and immovable. Personal movable property is those movable items that are movable in their nature such as cars, houses, boats, etc. Immovable property is those immovable things that cannot be transferred.